DaVinci Resolve Early Access

Automatic Audio Mixing has come to Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve!

Early Access

We’re proud to present the first public version of Alex Audio Butler for DaVinci Resolve. The simplest way to automatically mix audio for all your video projects.

A big thanks for everyone who expressed their interest 🙏, we invite everyone who has contacted us to start using it now!

After a lot of testing Alex Audio Butler for DaVinci Resolve in-house this Early Access Release allows you to use it in your productions, and us to learn if there are any edge-cases we might’ve missed. DaVinci Resolve so many different options and workflows that it is impossible for a small company like us to test everything, but rest assured that the most used workflows are supported, and we’re building on the extensively used and tested Premiere Pro version.

Future: the plug-in suite has exactly the same features as the Premiere Pro version except for one thing: the Export Report in the Status Window isn’t there yet. This does not affect the audio quality, and a work-around has been described below. The export report will be added later, but we’ve decided not to let it hold up this release.

Alex Audio Butler in DaVinci Resolve

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All prices are ex VAT where applicable, and might be changed without notice

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New License Options

Now that we support multiple NLEs we will have the following licensing options (displayed with and without introduction discount):

  1. Alex Audio Butler for Premiere Pro: US$149 | €139US$89 | €79
  2. Alex Audio Butler for DaVinci Resolve: US$149 | €139US$89 | €79
  3. Alex Audio Butler Pro Bundle: US$249 | €229US$149 | €129
    ncludes support for Premiere Pro, Audition, DaVinci Resolve and all future officially and unofficially supported hosts).
  4. Upgrades from single host license to the bundle are available for the price difference between the two: currently US$60 | €50.
  5. To celebrate the Early Access release there is an extra 25% discount available for DaVinci Resolve and Pro Bundle licenses with coupon code “DVRAABEA
    (active until
    June 5th 2020)

Options for new Alex Audio Butler users:

  1. Get your DaVinci Resolve or Pro Bundle license with the Early Access discount now!
  2. Get a 10-day fully featured demo with the button on the right (pay attention to the Early Access discount deadline!)

Options for current Alex Audio Butler users:

  1. In all cases make sure you update to the newest version of Alex Audio Butler (v1.1.0) to access all new features
  2. Email your current License Key to support@alexaudiobutler.com for instructions on getting the upgrade to the bundle.
  3. Get a 10-day fully featured demo with the button on the right (pay attention to the Early Access discount deadline). You can deauthorize your current license (make sure you have saved your License Key) in our License Manager by opening an Alex Audio Butler plug-in window and clicking on the version number and following the instructions. Afterwards you can authorized the Demo license to test in DaVinci Resolve.
  4. If you have an NFR (Not For Resale) license, just update to Alex Audio Butler v1.1.1: NFR licenses behave like Pro Bundle licenses from now on.

Reviews & Feedback:

As always (or even more so with this Early Access) we are actively looking for coverage, reviews & user feedback. If you’re interested in presenting Alex Audio Butler to your audience, email a link with your channel/website/etcetera to info@alexaudiobutler.com and how you want to cover our plug-in, and we will work something out for any audience size.

Send any feedback, issues, ideas, requests, compliments to support@alexaudiobutler.com, we’re happy to help.

Installation & Usage

Export Report Status Window work-around

When you start your Render inside DaVinci Resolve keep a good eye on the Status Window. In the future this will say “Exporting” while rendering, and after the render has finished will either say “Success” or “Incomplete” (the latter meaning that Alex Audio Butler encountered unanalyzed audio, so the render needs to be re-done to be sure the audio mix is correct, see the guides for more info).

For now it is still possible to be 100% sure that the mix has succeeded: if during the render the Status Window never switches to “Analyzing” you’re good to go. This means it stays in “Updated Analysis x minutes ago” where the number of minutes should be higher than the render time.

Further Guides/Tutorials/Manuals: