Facts & Features

System Requirements

Alex Audio Butler is a 64-bits VST3 & VST2.4 plug-in suite for
  • macOS (10.13 – 11 Intel & Apple Silicon/M1)
  • Windows (10)
Tested on:
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 (22.5)
  • Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 18 (18.0.1)(except macOS App Store)
  • Adobe Audition 2022 (22.6)

Different licenses are available depending on the programs you want to use with Alex Audio Butler
Other host software might work, but is not fully tested. Let us know if you want to see official support for an other program.

Any hardware system that can run edit video sufficiently will run Alex Audio Butler fine.


Alex Audio Butler consists of 4 unique plug-ins that combined can mix most, if not all, types of video projects. Every audio track in your project (including the Master track) will contain exactly 1 Alex Audio Butler instance based on the type of audio in the track (Voice, Music, Sound FX, Master). All these instances work together by listening to your audio and sharing their internal analyses to create a series of audio settings that will make your audio sound as good as possible.

Using presets you only need to tell Alex Audio Butler high-level choices that fit your project: you want a Pumping Loud video, or something more Natural. Based on these instruction the plugin suite will tune every setting creating the right volume so you don’t have to think about dB’s, Hz, et cetera.

A floating Status Window informs you if Alex Audio Butler has enough information for a correct Export so you can be sure you never upload videos with audio mistakes.


All kinds of dialogue, voice-over, interviews and other forms of speaking will be kept at the foreground so you never miss a word. When there is audio in a Voice track, Music tracks (and optionally Sound FX tracks) will be more quiet to increase intelligibility (automatic ducking).


Choose between having 1 constant volume correction, when you know you audio is already consistent in volume, or having an internal set of volume keyframes ensure everything will be audible. Don’t worry if there is noise in between speech, Alex Audio Butler will only boost parts with human voice.


Choose between 3 levels of compression. This will help your video sound more professional as it creates a more consistent volume on a micro-scale.


Whether you’re using royalty free stock music, top 40 songs or custom made creations, Alex Audio Butler will make sure they are always at the same loudness. Even with multiple clips on one tracks. Auto-ducking means that music will intelligently be set quieter when there is a Voice speaking, with nice fades between foreground and background parts.

Target Volume

Choose between 5 different targets to set your volume to depending on the type of project you’re working on, or leave the volume alone so you only use auto-ducking. You can have multiple Music tracks with different settings if that fits your needs.


Choose between 3 different amounts of ducking depending on the your project. This will change how much quieter Alex Audio Butler will make your music during speech.


Sound FX

Anything that’s not Music or Voice can be mixed with the Sound FX instance. Ambience, sound effects for animation, transition wooshes, funny clips and field recordings will all get the right volume to fit with the rest of your audio.

Target Volume

Similar to Music, you can choose between 5 volume levels as target depending on the role of sound effects in you project. You can create multiple tracks with different settings, for example if you want a quiet ambience in the background and short clips in between speech segments in the foreground.


Choose between 2 levels of ducking to fit your sounds effects better with dialogue, or leave automatic ducking off to keep a fixed volume throughout the video.


All projects need 1 Master instance on the Master track where all audio is mixed together. After all individual track instances have created the right balance between all clips the Master instance makes sure the final export will have a correct loudness for the platform you want to show your creation on, whether it’s YouTube, social media, your own website, TV, or your home-theater.


Choose between 3 levels of compression that help blend all audio together nicely and give your video a professional sound image. Draw all attention with a high-level of compression, or let Alex Audio Butler only subtly boost and blend your audio.

Export Target

Never worry about your video being too quiet compared to others. Alex Audio Butler knows all audio delivery standards and will ensure your video will have the right loudness.


Status Window

In the floating Status Window Alex Audio Butler will keep you updated about its internal Analysis. While you’re editing it builds an analysis based on the audio that’s played back. If you have changed your edit without playing through Alex Audio Butler will warn you that it encountered new information so you know that the internal Analysis is incomplete, which is most easily fixed with a full play-through or a quick Audio Only Export.

Export Report

After your export is finished always check the Status Window to be sure Alex Audio Butler did not encounter unknown changes. If it reports an error, the next export will have learned all audio and will be correct in most cases. If you have a long video render time it is advised to verify Alex Audio Butler’s knowledge status with an Audio Only Export

(Please be aware this only works when you export inside Premiere Pro. If you use Media Encoder to export Alex Audio Butler will use the Analysis learned during editing, but can not learn new information during Export)