Filter Express – Alpha User Test

Fun & Quick Clip Based Audio Transformations for Video Editors


Next to the work on Alex Audio Butler we’ve been working on a new product line that makes it quick, easy & fun to spice up your video audio.

Filter Express is a set of hyper-specialized audio plug-ins that can be dragged directly onto any audio clip, to filter and transform it in many ways.

Because every micro-plug-in has exactly one function (Phone, Underwater, Echo, …) you can search directly in the Effects Panel of you NLEs (Premiere Pro and DaVinci are tested for this alpha).

Every plug-in has a number of presets to choose from to find the sound best fit to your goals.

No more endless experimenting and looking for tutorials on how to achieve specific audio effects with the built-in stuff. Just like all transitions, sound effects, LUTs, overlays, now audio transformations too are trivial to add 😃🚄.

Usage & Demo

The Alpha is Available for Windows 10 and macOS 10.14 & 10.15, and tested in Premiere Pro 2020 and DaVinci Resolve 16.2+, but as a VST & VST3 expected to work in other NLEs and DAWs that support those formats.

These two (unlisted, unpolished) videos show how to use the plug-ins, and what it could sound like.

These video show alpha version v0.1.0. Everything you see is still subject to change.

Alpha User test

Currently we’ve built the framework that allows us to create the big list of Filter ideas we already have collected, and implemented 4 of them that give a preview of the possibilities: Echo, Phone, Robot & Under Water.

The goals of the alpha test are

  1. Stability: do the plug-ins behave as expected in different set-ups, workflows, scenario’s. We’ve tested in-house, but there are so many ways to use video editing software that we know there’s always stuff we haven’t tested yet.
  2. Workflow: is it as easy & fun to use & control as we hope, any feedback is welcome
  3. Ideas: we’re looking for any ideas to improve the workflow, sound, and of course any idea for micro-plugins (Filter Express Idea Box)

Keep an eye out for update notifications, as we’re still in this alpha stage it’s important to always run the latest version. When there’s an update you will be notified through email, and also a red (1) will show in the plug-in interface.

Confidentiality & Reviews

As we’re not sure yet what the final product will consist of, and when it’ll be out we ask you not to publicly share anything about it right now. If you want to share it with friends/peers/colleagues feel free to do so through private means (email, dm, face to face), with the same message as this.

If your interested in making a Review of this for you own Audience when we’re releasing we would be delighted, email us at  so we can work it out!

Get Your License

If you have received a coupon code for the NFR (Not For Resale) license, you can redeem that HERE. This will give you full unlimited access to the current set of plug-ins and also all those that will follow.

Otherwise we’re still very happy to have you as a test user, and you can get a 10-day fully functional demo license HERE

Actual pricing on release is not yet decided.

In exchange for these licenses we ask you to at least drop us a line once you used it at Tell us what you used it on, and any feedback on the 3 points we’ve descrived above.