Press Kit

Download full kit as a zip file: Press Kit (25MB)

Facts & Data

Date of release:

18 Nov 2019


Full Price: €139
Intro Price: €79 ( Ex VAT)

Full Price: $149
Intro Price: $89 (Ex VAT)

Supported Platforms:

Alex Audio Butler is a 64-bits VST3 plug-in tested on:
Windows 10
macOS 10.13+
Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 and 2020

Any system that can run Premiere Pro Sufficiently will run Alex Audio Butler fine.
Other System might work but are not tested.
Please kindly let us know if you want to see something else supported.

Product Description:


VST3 plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro Windows and macOS (other video editors will follow).
Automatic Volume
All Voice clips will be set to a correct volume.
Automatic Ducking
Music volume goes down during Voice parts.
Compression & Mastering
Creates a fitting loudness for your production.
Good audio shouldn’t be a pain


For many video projects the goals are clear:
1.consistent, clean, intelligible vocals (voice-over or recorded on site) filling silent parts, ducking away during speech
3. total loudness fitting for the target medium

The audio editing and mixing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro and other video editors are very
complex, making it difficult to create an adequate mix if you’re not an expert. But if speed
and efficiency is key let us help you get to a four star mix with close to zero work.

Let the computer handle the tedious work Alex Audio Butler automatically gets your
audio up to par. Leaving more time to focus on the story to tell.

Company Bio:

Alex Audio Butler is developed by Unimule, a small independent company based in the Netherlands, founded by Jerre van der Hulst, working together with people all around the world.

Our mission is to make creating easier, by automating things that can be done by computers so humans can spend as much time as possible on the creative parts.

Our first product Alex Audio Butler is a plug-in suite for Adobe Premiere Pro that saves video makers valuable editing time better spent elsewhere. It allows handling all audio-mixing only on by high-level preferences, without needing to think about audio-details. Apart from enabling shorter turn-around time Alex Audio Butler can prevent mistakes and create better, more consistent end-products or client-previews.






Download full kit as a zip file: Press Kit (25MB)