Add Intelligent AI Based Audio Mixing to your products.

End Boost runs own in-house built C++ A.I. & DSP algorithms for analyzing, controlling and processing audio for video editors, and more.
The engine started just for our own Alex Audio Butler plug-in, but is now generalized for other use.

Features are:

  • Automatic Voice Leveling
  • Automatic Music Ducking
  • Automatic Sound FX Leveling
  • Automatic Compression and Mastering

Features in development:

  • Smart Voice De-noising/Dialogue Isolation
  • Smart Voice EQ
  • Smart Music EQ (Make Room For Voice)
  • Voice Transformation Filters

We’re open to collaboration!

If your product can benefit from integrating intelligent mixing (ie: NLEs, Podcasting, Video Editing Tools, Voice Clean-up, Batch (Pre) Processing):

contact us directly at info@unimule.com or through the form below.