Refund Policy

If you have an issue with our product, tell us, and we will try to correct the problem. You can contact our support team at If we can’t correct the problem and if the problem is arising on our system as well, and you choose to return the product (this includes de-authorizing the license on all machines), we will refund your money without giving you a hassle.

Unimule does not refund for the following situations:

  • Where a demo trial has been used. At Unimule, we will offer trials on request via, with the sole purpose of allowing customers to try before they buy. We encourage customers to use these trial versions when in doubt, to ensure the product will work on their system prior to purchasing.
  • Where the License Key has been authorized and not de-authorized after, the product has been used and is displaying no signs of a technical fault on our systems.
  • Usage in programs (versions)/operating systems (versions) not listed in our requirements. Customers bear the responsibility to have the correct knowledge of the minimum product system requirements.

Customers are also advised to note:

This refund policy is subject to and should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms and Conditions.

If you believe that you qualify for a refund, please email from the same email address as the purchase with the following information:

  • Your License Key.
  • A brief description of which system and DAW – and the exact version you are using (eg. OS X, Version 10.11.6/ Premiere Pro 14.1)
  • A reason for your refund request. If the issue is technical, we require a description of the problem and screenshots, if possible.