Refund Policy

End Boost

If you have an issue with our product, tell us, and we will try to correct the problem. You can contact our support team at

The End Boost subscription starts with a 7 day fully functional free trial that can be cancelled at any point. Use this to check compatibility with your setup and workflow. If you need more time to test send us a request at and we can set you up with a longer demo.

After the paid subscription starts you can cancel it at any point using the link in your invoice email, or through Settings in the app. After cancelling you can keep using the app until the next payment date.

Apart from regions with a mandatory refund policy we don’t offer any other refunds, if you live in a region with a mandatory refund policy, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Alex Audio Butler Plug-in

The Alex Audio Butler Plug-in is not sold anymore since January 1 2023. For a replacement for automatic audio mixing for video editors check our new product End Boost. More info about the transition is here: Introducing End Boost – The Future of Alex Audio Butler
Upgrade options are available, see: Transitioning from the Alex Audio Butler plug-in to End Boost


Unimule does not refund for the following situations:

  • Where the License Key has been authorized and not de-authorized after, the product has been used and is displaying no signs of a technical fault on our systems.
  • Usage in programs (versions)/operating systems (versions) not listed in our requirements. Customers bear the responsibility to have the correct knowledge of the minimum product system requirements.

If you believe that you qualify for a refund, please email from the same email address as the purchase with the following information:

  • Your License Key.
  • A brief description of which system and the exact version you are using (eg. OS X, Version 13.2.1)
  • A reason for your refund request. If the issue is technical, we require a description of the problem and screenshots, if possible.

Customers are also advised to note:

This refund policy is subject to and should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms and Conditions, and the software EULA