Automatic Mixing for Video Editors

Save time and improve your audio quality with Alex Audio Butler.
Now available as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Press Release: Introducing Alex Audio Butler: Automatic Mixing for Video Editors. Please read, rewrite, share!

Automatic Mixing

Alex Audio Butler automatically finds the best settings for Volume, Compression and Ducking by listening to your source material.

Save Time

Only make high-level creative decisions about sound. Don't worry about audio details like dB and Hz, because Alex Audio Butler is mixing your audio in the background

Tight Integration

VST3 plug-in technology enables integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create no unnecessary workflow changes. Other video editors will follow soon.

Artificial Intelligence

The engine is created from the ground up, combining Machine Listening, A.I. and custom audio effects. Let software take away repetitive work, so you can focus on creation.

Watch a walkthough of all features and how to use them in under 5 minutes

Early Access - Master channel plug-in interface.
Early Access - Master channel plug-in interface.

Good audio shouldn't be a pain

For many video projects the goals are clear:

  • consistent, clean, intelligible vocals (voice-over or recorded on site)
  • music filling silent parts, ducking away during speech
  • total loudness fitting for the target medium

The audio editing and mixing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro and other video editors are very complex, making it difficult to create an adequate mix if you’re not an expert. But if speed and efficiency is key let us help you get to a four star mix with close to zero work.

Let the computer handle the tedious work

Alex Audio Butler automatically gets your audio up to par. Leaving more time to focus on the story to tell.

  • VST3 plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro
    Windows and macOS (other video editors will follow).
  • Automatic Volume
    All Voice clips will be set to a correct volume.
  • Automatic Ducking
    Music volume goes down during Voice parts.
  • Compression & Mastering
    Creates a fitting loudness for your production.

Main Features

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