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End Boost Usage Guide

Download as PDF: End Boost Usage Manual

Download & Install
    1. After you buy End Boost or request a demo, you will get an email with a download link.
    2. Download the files and extract the zipped folder.
    3. Run the installer for your computer (Windows or macOS) and follow instructions.
    4. End Boost can now be run from
      • macOS: the Application Folder.
      • Windows: the Start Menu.
    5. On the first run you will have to activate your license with your email address.
End Boost Usage Guide

⚠️ Before you start End Boost make sure you have exported your audio tracks from your video editor (see “Prepare Track Files”).

Open End Boost:

    1. Build the sequence
      1. Click “New Project” and select your audio track files.
      2. For every track select between Voice, Music or Sound FX based on the type of audio (the title of the track matches the filename).
      3. Optionally also load a Preview Video that will be played back with the audio for better previewing.
    2. Choose Presets
      1. End Boost has started analyzing in the background already.
      2. Once the analysis is done you can preview the result using the “Play Preview” button, or pressing [SPACE].
      3. You can change the Alex Audio Butler presets for each track in the track headers. In the Mix section there you can choose a Mastering preset, and a Delivery Target that controls the final loudness.
        • Most of the time this will trigger a re-analysis. That needs to finish before you can preview again.
    3. Preview and Modify Tracks
      1. Use the [ M ] and [ S ] buttons in the Track Header to Mute and Solo tracks respectively.
        • Muting and soloing does not affect the analysis for the mix. That means that a muted track still influences other tracks.
        • Muting and soloing however does affect the export. That means that what you hear during preview is what will be exported.
      2. You can Delete and Replace tracks with the [ X ] and [ R ] buttons respectively in the Track Header. Replacing a track will load a new audio file in place, keeping the presets and settings.
      3. You can Add one or more tracks below all other tracks as well with the [ Add Track(s) ] button, or by dropping files from Explorer/Finder.
    4. Save and Load End Boost Projects (.EBProj files)
      1. You can save your project for later exporting or changing. Currently the save files point to  the absolute file paths on your computer.
      2. You can use the same [ Open ] button that can load stems to load an .EBProj file. Or you can double click the file in the Finder/Explorer.
    5. Export
      1. Click “Export” and specify a filename (ending in “.wav”), and wait for the progress bar to finish.
      2. The fully mixed and mastered audio is now ready for usage.
        • You can remove or mute the original audio in your video editor, replace it with the Export result, and make your final video export.

If you want to mix a new project or update your stems, go back to step 1.

Prepare Track Files
    1. Open your video project in your editor (Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Magix Vegas, …).
    2. Disable/bypass audio effects that will clash with End Boost like gain/compression/dynamics/limiter plug-ins.
      • EQ, stylistic crossfades/fade-ins/fade-outs and other artistic audio effects are not handled by End Boost right now so can be kept activated.
    3. Use the audio track solo buttons one by one to make an audio-only export of each track. Take care to give useful names (ie track numbers).
      • See an example of the workflow for Premiere here (the step with Ableton Live is not necessary): Quick Tutorial on Exporting Individual Audio Channels in Premiere Pro↗️.
      • The same workflow can be translated to DaVinci Resolve using the Fairlight Tab for solo-ing tracks, and choosing Audio Only in the Render Tab.
      • For best result export to 48kHz uncompressed stereo wav file. In any case all files need to have the same sample rate and channel configuration.

Specific workflows for DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro are described in the full Manual: End Boost Usage Manual .

System Requirements

End Boost is tested on:

  • Windows 10 & 11 64-bit.
  • macOS 11+ (Intel & Apple Silicon/M1).
  • We also expect End Boost to work on macOS 10.14+

CPU, GPU, RAM etc:

  • Any computer that can be used to edit video should run End Boost fine.